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Please Note: your bed may differ from these samples - each university has a variety of beds.

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1. What is a Campus Loft bed riser?
2. How high will my bed be?
3. When will my bed riser be installed?
4. Can I get a refund if I don’t want my riser?
5. What if I change rooms?
6. What if my school is not listed?
7. Can I keep my riser?
8. When is my bed riser removed?
9. Do you supply ladders or restraints?
10. What if I have a history of falling out of bed?
11. What if I want to call you?
12. What if I really miss my son/daughter?
Campus loft is pleased to welcome the following schools to our growing list of University partners:
 Albright College  Monmouth University  American University  Drew
 Montclair University  Millersville University  University of Delaware  Seton Hall University  Lock Haven University
 Rider University  Slippery Rock University  West Chester University  College of William & Mary  University of Alabama  University of Richmond   Wake Forest